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Posted by DGS on Jul 19th 2024

Always keep in mind that improperly sized dowel grips or wearing a grip not designed for the appropriate apparatus is very dangerous and can lead to catastrophic injury. Always consult your coach when making grip decisions. Never borrow a teammate's grips!Break-In Procedure:You first need to soften the stiff leather. Start by rolling the leather. Wrap the leather around the dowel and roll the grip down to the cuff. Repeat this step with the dowel… Read more

Posted by DGS Ninja on Jul 19th 2024

DGS Ninja was the proud course sponsor for the World Ninja League (WNL) Season 9 World Championships. The event was an incredible showcase of athleticism, determination, and community spirit, and we’re incredibly grateful to be a part of this community and to do our part in making it a success.Setting Up for Success On Monday, June 17, our team arrived in Greensboro, North Carolina with trucks loaded to the brim and eager to get started. We… Read more

Posted by DGS Ninja on Jul 8th 2024

Keeping your outdoor warped wall in top condition is crucial for both its longevity and your safety. Here are some essential maintenance tips to ensure your warped wall stays in great shape:Regular InspectionsInspect for Rot: Regularly check your warped wall for any signs of rot. Pay special attention to areas where two boards meet and where the wall is in contact with the ground.Address Holes and Nails: Fill any holes… Read more

Posted by DGS on Apr 19th 2024

Pop Up Parkour has added a whole new line of soft equipment that are now available on The new soft parkour line features five exciting products: Planks, Quad Steps, Road Blocks, Slant Walls, and the 3-Piece Table. The new soft equipment line from Pop Up Parkour is perfect for parkour gyms or ninja and gymnastics gyms that are looking to introduce a parkour program. The products are lightweight… Read more