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Asher Athletic

Forster Bar Heel Pad

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Forster Bar Heel Pad


Forster Bar Heel Pad

Gymnastics receives a great update with the introduction of this specialized training footwear. 

  • Unique construction allows the gymnast to put feet completely together with 180° of protection around the heel, ankle, and lower calf.
  • Point, flex, even stand on the bar without a problem.
  • Train pirouetting skills, releases, giants, straight body casting, & more.
  • Non-slip bottom sole.
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable to wear for the entire bar workout.
  • Sleek & designed to clear feet for advanced inside circles. 
  • Velcro inner portion serves as an audible cue to refine your technique and timing. 
  • Dual-density cushion for maximum impact & shock absorption.
  • Lightweight (4.5/5.3 oz)
  • The Asher Athletic Bar Heel Pad is very light yet superbly sturdy. A gymnast must be focused and confident when training essential and higher-level bar skills and drills. Safety and the ability for the heel pads to withstand serious impacts and shock time after time remains unmatched! 

The only dedicated heel protection for gymnasts training bar events
Though compact in size, the cushion of the heel pads is deceivingly strong and sturdy. Construction is made up of two different foam densities that combine to create a pain-free experience with every impact on the bar. Time to get up and try again! Absolutely comfortable and convenient to wear during an entire bar rotation. 

The removable inner Velcro portion is designed to help improve your form and timing with pirouetting skills, straight body casting, giants, drills, and more. 

Train with confidence and focus on your ability to achieve the best results
Getting this important training tool to perform for gymnasts as they demand was paramount. You are welcome to try this new standard in wearable heel protection for gymnastics bars training.

Experience quality chosen materials and superior design that took a lot of time and dedication to get right. Please read about the prototyping process of this flagship product here. 

Washable. Vegan construction.

SMALL size (red) is suitable for roughly US women's shoe sizes 5 to 6, or Youth/Child Sizes 13 up to 5. Highest point: 6"/15cm

MEDIUM size (navy) is suitable for roughly US women's shoe sizes 6 to 9 or Youth/Child shoe sizes 6 & up. Highest point: 6"/15cm

Most importantly, measure the widest part of your foot. See the sizing chart. Please contact me for any sizing questions!

Sold as a pair. 

Handmade in Japan 
Shipping Weight:
12.00 LBS

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