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Parachute Games Book w/ DVD

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Parachute Games Book w/ DVD

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About the Product

Through Parachute Games With DVD, Second Edition, you can
  • lead 59 parachute activities;
  • adapt the activities to a myriad of game settings and participant needs;
  • use the DVD to preview select activities or to show participants how much fun they will have with a parachute; and
  • offer games that enhance fitness as well as social, motor, and other skills.
The best-selling Parachute Games is now revised, extended, and packaged with a DVD you can use to preview selected activities before leading themand let your participants preview it as well so they can see how much fun parachute games are. This new edition retains everything from the very popular first edition, and it includes the following:
  • The latest information about parachutes, including parachute care and age-appropriate uses
  • 59 revised and new games, plus dozens of new variations of games from the first edition
  • 28 games in live action on the DVD
  • New Variations and Teaching Tips sections
  • Plenty of descriptive details to assist you in using and adapting games for your group and setting
With Parachute Games With DVD, Second Edition, youll know that youre leading the activities successfully and offering children great fitness benefits that enhance their social and motor skills. The authors, with more than 30 years of experience in presenting parachute games, have fashioned the wealth of activities in this book to be adaptable to a myriad of game settings and participant needs.

In addition, the DVD allows you to see a broad sampling of games in action, including three complete sample play sessions, to help you apply the information and motivate children to fully engage in and enjoy the games. You might also find it useful to let children preview the games on the DVD so they can better understand how the games are played.

In part I of the book, you learn about the benefits of parachute play and how to lead parachute games. You also discover how to use the games to enhance childrens social skills, personal behavior, perceptual and physical skills, and basic motor skills. Part I also covers how to care for your parachute and extend its life.

In part II, you are presented with 59 games, divided into low, moderate, and high activity levels. You can use the handy games finder to locate just the game for your group and situation.

Parachute Games With DVD, Second Edition, provides the games and everything you need to help you confidently adapt each game to your group so that each child can learn, grow, and enjoy. More than ever, this new edition will help you run parachute games successfully while providing exciting variations for your participants.

About the Author

Todd Strong worked as lead trainer for the New Games Foundation, a nonprofit organization that teaches personal and professional development by bringing people closer together through play. In this position, he traveled throughout the United States conducting workshops, during which he was able to collect and try out parachute games in many settings and with different groups. As the foundations program director, he planned and promoted New Games and New Games workshops worldwide.

A past chairman and director and current active member of the International Jugglers Association, Todd has authored many books on juggling, including The Devil Stick Book, The Dice Stacking Book, The Diabolo Book, and Diabolo for Advanced Players. He taught juggling as a Jonglierlehrer in Germany and as a professeur de jonglerie at the national circus school of France, in addition to many short courses and workshops throughout North America and Europe.

Todds education seems to be on a northward drift. He earned a bachelors degree in recreation from California State University at Hayward, a masters in experiential education from Mankato State University in Minnesota, and a masters in adult education from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

Dale N. LeFevre, a native of Wisconsin, started working in San Francisco as a volunteer with the nonprofit New Games Foundation in 1975. By the start of 1976 he was office manager and associate director. In 1977 he formed his own project, which took New Games into schools. In 1979 he left the United States for eight years to promote New Games around the world, presenting workshops in every major European country plus South Africa, Israel, India, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

LeFevres previous publications include New Games for the Whole Family (eventually published in five languages and due to be reprinted under a new title) and Parachute Games. He has also produced or coproduced the New Games CD-ROM and several videos, including The New Games Video, New Games From Around the World, Rainy Day Games, Sunny Day Games, New Soccer (For Fun and Skills), Cooperative Group Games, and Skill Games. His latest production is The New Parachute Games Video, which was just made into The New Parachute Games DVD.

On the immediate horizon are two more DVDs, Cooperative Games DVD and The New Games DVD. LeFevre has founded a new company, Playworks, which works with businesses to use New Games to improve communication, build stronger teams, and reduce stress.

LeFevre holds a masters degree in education from New York University and a bachelors degree in business from Valparaiso University. In his free time he enjoys gardening, hiking, biking, and camping. As of 2006, he lives in Sheffield, England.

Table of Contents

Games Finder

Part I. Understanding Parachute Play
Chapter 1. Discovering the Benefits of Parachute Play
Chapter 2. Leading Parachute Games
Chapter 3. Enhancing Developmental Skills
Chapter 4. Choosing and Caring for Your Parachute

Part II. Learning the Games
Chapter 5. Low-Activity Parachute Games
Chapter 6. Moderate-Activity Parachute Games
Chapter 7. High-Activity Parachute Games

About the Authors


Reference for K-12 physical educators and for recreation leaders working with participants of all ages.
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